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Best Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

The Origin of Avvatar

Avvatar Promises – Transformation!

At Parag Milk Foods Ltd., it is our mission and purpose to use our years of expertise in dairy industryto provide you with maximum nutritionand nourishment, to assist you in your journeyof remoulding your body.

Which is why, after nourishing India withour finest milk products like Go Cheese,Gowardhan Ghee and Pride of Cows,we proudly present to you Avvatar,a premium whey proteinsupplement to help youachieve the performance andstrength you desire.

The human body is an amazing creation ofnature and is capable of doing the mostextraordinary things. And one of themis transforming it to be at its fittestand strongest. The most importantaspect of this transformation is therock-solid will to transform, whichcombined with superior nutrition candeliver astounding results


Avvatar Promises – Transformation!

Best Whey Protein Powder

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein is packedwith 24g protein per scoop. The primarysource is whey protein concentrate whichis loaded with health-boosting bioactivecompounds along with naturalphospholipids for quick recovery andsustained results!

It’s time you take yourgame to the next level.

It is milked, processed and packed within24 hours, to bring you the freshest and purest whey.It is 100% Vegetarian, made from fresh cow’smilk and manufactured with multiplestringent quality tests

It’s time youReconstruct Yourself!


Consume within 90 mins of training for optimal benefits

  • Mix it in water or milk

  • Avvatar Whey Protein Powder
  • Add to a smoothie or bevrage of your choice


A perfect product for Gym goers, Body builders, Cross-Fit athletes, Endurance runners and fitness freaks.

  • Gym-Goers


  • Boxers


  • Runners


  • Cyclists


  • Swimmers


  • Footballers


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