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MuscleBlaze Amino Charge, 0.55 lb 31 Servings Melon Twist

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MuscleBlaze Amino Charge is a cumulative amino acid fuel with 13 amino acids to help promote muscle synthesis and faster muscle recovery. With other ingredients to support energy, focus, and weight management, this amino acid fuel is a must have for your workout stack. The amino acids help support protein synthesis by providing anabolic support and result in faster recovery during your workouts. Amino Charge is loaded with Caffeine Anhydrous which helps build focus and electrolytes that keeps you hydrated & brimming with energy. You can choose to use it as your morning hydration ritual, pre- workout energy, intra- workout fuel or as a replacement to your evening beverages. Available in refreshing melon twist flavor, this amino acid supplement can be enjoyed as a refreshing drink anytime.

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  • Amino Charge is a refreshing supplement with a blend of 13 amino acids to help support muscle recovery, focus and energy levels
  • It provides 6g amino acids blend per serving which supports the protein synthesis With Carnitine- Tartrate, MuscleBlaze Amino Charge helps with weight management goals by reducing and metabolizing the body fat to be used as an energy source
  • This amino acid fuel is loaded with caffeine anhydrous to enhance your focus and energy levels & electrolytes that keeps you hydrated.
  • Amino Charge in Melon Twist flavor is an anytime fuel for the fitness enthusiasts who fuel their bodies with nothing but the best

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